Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interview on a Catholic Radio in Zagreb Croatia, World Webcast - TODAY. July 15th at 5:30 PM Local time. 11:30 AM New York time

What is very interesting about this interview is that songs from my first album with the group Vrijeme i Zemlja (in translation The Time and The Earth) will be played. We will re-publish the same album in 2009.

Front cover of the album Vrijeme i Zemlja I (first LP ever in Rijeka, Croatia)

Live streaming: http://www.hkr.hr/?sec=4&pid=31
U zivo preko Interneta: http://www.hkr.hr/?sec=4&pid=31

Nenad Bach and Slavko Nedic, Catholic Radio.

We recorded an hour long interview that will air on July 15th, 2008 at 17:30 local time. 11:30 AM in New York. Slavko never fails to impress me. He is music director, composer and producer. Won a Porin this year. (Equivalent for Grammy in the USA). While being there I met Domagoj Pejic who brought delicious cookies from Medjimurje. I liked them and ate them as well. They reminded me on my mother's cookies.

15 Srpanj 2008 u 17:30 (Zagreb, Croatia) - 11:30 AM New York, USA

Preporučamo emisije

Nove (stare) glazbene emisije u terminu od 17,30 do 18,45
Ponedjeljkom - HKR Hit express

U društvu sa . . . (voditelj i autor emisije Slavko Nedic)
Utorkom - domaćim izvođačima
Srijeda - inozemnim izvođačima
Četvrtak - domaćim duhovnim izvođačima
Petkom - inozemnim duhovnim izvođačima

Utorak - 15. 07 - Nenad Bach
Srijeda - 16. 07 - Simon & Garfunkel
Četvrtak - 17. 07 - Kefa
Petak - 18. 07. - Rebecca St. Jammes

Croatian Catholic Radio is known for the quality of music that they play.
http://www.croatianworldcalendar.com/in ... &Itemid=26

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back home in New York

Maja Bach, our German Shepard, watching the pool

Photo from my hand...see the ball in the upper left corner. A good catch.

Joke goes like this: How do you recognize a poor Croatian in Bosnia Herzegovina. Well, he washes his/her own Mercedes. How do you recognize a poor Croatian in New York? well he/she cleans his/her own pool.