Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi folks... we have a winner of the guessing competition.  For transparency, I am sharing below the Facebook postings about it.   :)

  • Nenad Bach One more day of contest!
  • Irena Ozimec A new hat! Blagoslovljen i veseo Bozic tebi i obitelji dragi prijatelju!
  • Eni Galovic Sretnu i uspjesnu 2014.
  • Violi Calvert Two hats.
  • Nenad Bach Violi Calvert wins. Answer is two new hats in the box. One dark blue, the other gray. Congratulations! Contest ended. Sydney Australia wins.
  • Violi Calvert Wow!!! Thanks so much! I could count only two times that I have won something!! I take this as a sign of great things to come for 2014!!!
  • Irena Ozimec Bravo Violi Calvert! I had the same thing on my mind but wasn't sure...see what happens when I'm undecided Congrats and have a wonderful, healthy & happy new Year!

    I also wish to share the item on Sponsor Spotlight [courtesy of Vic Zimet]

     Musician Nenad Bach
    Everything Is Forever is the new documentary by director Vic Zimet and co-producer Stephanie Silber. The film is an inspiring profile of musician Nenad Bach, who left his thriving musical career in Croatia to become a worldwide ambassador of peace. He has brought his message of goodwill by meeting and performing for heads of state and appearing with fellow musicians such as Bono, Pavarotti, and Garth Hudson of The Band.

    Currently the film is raising funds through an innovative new crowdfunding program called Fundrazr in which donors are rewarded with gift cards for popular businesses like Starbucks, Subway, Best Buy, Home Depot and others in amounts equal to the donation. So, it’s just like buying a gift card and having your money go straight to the filmmakers. And that money, in this case, will go towards finishing funds and a proposed film tour accompanied by appearances with Nenad and his band.

    So, go get rewarded with a gift card (or several) and help a great filmmaker out.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Greetings

Whoever guesses the whole content of the box, gets a free song download.    :)

We look towards 2014 with great excitement over a number of projects - one of these is the finishing of 'Everything is Forever' and sharing it with as many possible.  More details to be shared, as they are worked on by our great friend Vic Zimmet who has been doing the project in the last fifteen years.

Here's the link to the trailer of the movie:

Peace and Love to all.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


We are taking the liberty of sharing here Stephanie Silber's update on the 'Everything is Forever' film project.

 Posted on by Stephanie Silber

Nenad exults

EVERYTHING IS FOREVER is complete.  It took us fifteen years.  Giving up was not an option.  It’s never been for us.  The other day Vic and I were talking about the notion of giving up on your dreams.  Who goes the distance and who cannot, or will not?  We’ve been around long enough to see many back away, ambition fizzled and gone out.  We’ve both often examined the idea of quitting, putting the endless struggles and sacrifices and going broke finally behind us.  Now I think we both accept that we’ll never stop trying to create, to bring art into the world no matter the emotional and financial costs.

EVERYTHING IS FOREVER is the story of the musician Nenad Bach, who has followed his rock dreams out of his native Croatia to America.  His is the ultimate example of what it means to never stop striving.

We finished the film over the weekend, and Vic and I sat together on a frozen Sunday to watch it together.  Often, when a film is a work-in-progress, you don’t have an opportunity to see it all of a piece.  So as I watched, it was as though for the first time.  It stunned me.  I believe it is Vic’s best work — this is “A Victor Zimet Film” and it shows in every frame, every beat, every nuance.

Vic shooting in Croatia
It plays like a perfect novel, these true adventures of an artist who simply refuses to give up.  Tears, laughter, you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up surprises, war, peace, and the human experience — it’s all here.  We were both weeping at the end, catharsis achieved.  And meaning-making.

Of course, there is lots of work ahead of us.  Now we will begin the arduous process of bringing the film to an audience; art is interactive.  It needs to be seen or heard to have a life.  We’ll submit to festivals, arrange screenings as well as live performances from Nenad and his eponymous band.  We’ll promote with the same determination we brought to the making of the film.  We will get tired.  We will endure disappointments aplenty.  We will sometimes feel like giving up.

But we know what will sustain us.  The feeling of sitting in a dark theater, surrounded by an audience, with a big screen playing EVERYTHING IS FOREVER.  Pure joy.  We’re really looking forward to it.