Monday, December 29, 2008

Goga and Chach. Roses.

Roses brought to us by Goga and Chach on December 29, 2008

Which one is your favorite?

December 2008. Families, wine, conversation, food, simple, joy, beauty.
Next time photo.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ana Tzarev Gallery opening

December 11th, 2008. Ana Tzarev Gallery opening. Names under the photo in due time. Gallery is very impressive. It was raining cats and dogs. Joza Vrljicak from Argenitna came to visit me in New York that day. He is standing, right next to me. Ivan Paric made this photo.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2nd rehearsal with the band

L-R Michael O'Keefe, Richard Lindsey, Nenad Bach, Kinny Landrum, Mick Hanson

L-R Michael O'Keefe, Richard Lindsey, Nenad Bach, Kinny Landrum, Mick Hanson

Busy day yesterday. Besides mud room roof being finished, we had a wonderful rehearsal with the band, for the Fairleigh Dickinson University gig on November 1st, 2008. If you have time and willingness, come and join us. More info below, click on a poster from John Dull. Go to and reserve your ticket. It is a FREE concert and the tickets are going fast.

PA system that was supposed to arrive yesterday, Thursday Oct, 23. 2008, arrived while we were rehearsing. UPS guy just dropped the packages, so another rehearsal without PA went by . One more with all equipment in place coming up. The band is playing very well, it is an exciting time for me. I had only one true band in my lifetime and that was Vrijeme i Zemlja (The Time and The Earth), back in Croatia. I hope to have another one, so we can tour the world.

Also, we caught a mouse.

A new band:

Nenad Bach: vocal, piano, guitar
Richard Lindsey: bass

Mick Hanson: electric guitar

Michael O'Keefe: drums,vocal

Kinny Landrum: keyboards, piano, melodica,vocal

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Preparation for November 1st 2008 - Fairleigh Dickinson

Nenad Bach's new material with a new band

Nenad Bach: vocal, piano, guitar
Richard Lindsey: bass
Mick Hanson: electric guitar
Mike O'Keefe: drums,vocal
Kinny Landrum: keyboards, piano, melodica,vocal

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dining at Delmonico's

Nenad Bach, Ljiljana Vinkovic- Croatian cultural attache, Adrian Belic - famous filmmaker , Admiral J. Robert Lunney at Delmonico's

Nenad Bach, Judith Choate, James Canora at Delmonico Restaurant. Judith and James are the authors of the book "Dining at Delmonico's" that I bought that night.

Owned by Croatians. The oldest restaurant in New York. Where Mark Twain and Charles Dickens ate.

Delmonico’s, opened in 1837 as America’s first fine dining restaurant, continues to serve the connoisseur of fine American food in its premier location at 56 Beaver Street, the heart of Manhattan’s financial district. Birthplace of the Delmonico Steak, Delmonico Potatoes, Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newburg, and Baked Alaska, the original Delmonico’s offered unheard of luxury – the availability of private dining rooms, an extensive wine cellar, innovative cuisine, and, above all, warm, personal service. Today, we continue to honor our heritage with the same warm hospitality and fine cuisine. Our menu features many of the traditional dishes as well as a prime Delmonico steak, aged to perfection in our aging room. We hope you will join us as we celebrate culinary history!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Croatian fellow musicians at Carnegie Hall, New York

Alan Bjelinski, Oliver Dragojevic and Nenad Bach in New York City, the day before the concert.

On October 8th Oliver and Alan performed at Carnegie Hall in front of the enthusiastic Croatian crowd from all over the USA. Great night to remember. Oliver is very famous Croatian singer. Alan is a very famous Croatian conductor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New York Korean Film Festival on August 21, 2008

Director Chang Youn-hyun and actor Yoo Ji-tae. A session of questions and answers, after the screening of a beautiful film Hwang Jin-Yi. I spoke with both of them after. I found a great sense of artistic integrity.

Nenad Bach, Mrs. Revere and Evans Revere, my host and president of The Korea Society, who opened the festival. We were on the same panel for National Music Council Panel and 27th Annual American Eagle Awards Luncheon June 5th 2008. See my blog in reverse. Great turn out at The Times Center on 41st street in Manhattan. Well organized. The New York Times Building TheTimesCenter 242 West 41st St. entrance between 7th and 8th Ave. New York

Nenad Bach and Ms. Song

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Poppa Neutrino Live on August 16th, 2008, the same day after John's birthday party

Stephanie Silber, Poppa Neutrino and Victor Zimet

Poppa Neutrino singing. Todd Londagin, his son playing trombone. Music was in perfect balance.

Nenad Victor Poppa. One shot deal. One size fits all.

Nenad and Poppa

Check Random Lunacy and Poppa Neutrino at

This was my first direct encounter with the legendary Poppa Neutrino. The whole event organized by Home Team Productions at The Cell in New York City on August 16th 2008. Live music.

Lee Anderson and Ingrid Lucia dancing

John Holbrook's birthday party on August 16, 2008

Rhonda and John Holbrook. Smile speaks volumes.

Perspective of the celebration

Nenad and John. Poster behind with John as Brian Briggs

Jim Weider and Nenad Bach. Jim played guitar on original Can We Go Higher? He played with The Band for many years. Check him out at

Nenad Bach and Ian Kimmet. My music producer from Bearsville Studios in late 80's beginning of 90's. Scotsman all the way. You combine kindness with a sick humor and you get Ian.

George Cowan and Nenad Bach. George recorded most of my work at Bearsville Studios. Recently toured with Joe Jackson including Graham Maby. Check George at

Dancing. Life is good.

Perfect day in Rhinebeck, New York at the Paul Antonell's Club House Recording Studios. Tel: 845 876 2653

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interview on a Catholic Radio in Zagreb Croatia, World Webcast - TODAY. July 15th at 5:30 PM Local time. 11:30 AM New York time

What is very interesting about this interview is that songs from my first album with the group Vrijeme i Zemlja (in translation The Time and The Earth) will be played. We will re-publish the same album in 2009.

Front cover of the album Vrijeme i Zemlja I (first LP ever in Rijeka, Croatia)

Live streaming:
U zivo preko Interneta:

Nenad Bach and Slavko Nedic, Catholic Radio.

We recorded an hour long interview that will air on July 15th, 2008 at 17:30 local time. 11:30 AM in New York. Slavko never fails to impress me. He is music director, composer and producer. Won a Porin this year. (Equivalent for Grammy in the USA). While being there I met Domagoj Pejic who brought delicious cookies from Medjimurje. I liked them and ate them as well. They reminded me on my mother's cookies.

15 Srpanj 2008 u 17:30 (Zagreb, Croatia) - 11:30 AM New York, USA

Preporučamo emisije

Nove (stare) glazbene emisije u terminu od 17,30 do 18,45
Ponedjeljkom - HKR Hit express

U društvu sa . . . (voditelj i autor emisije Slavko Nedic)
Utorkom - domaćim izvođačima
Srijeda - inozemnim izvođačima
Četvrtak - domaćim duhovnim izvođačima
Petkom - inozemnim duhovnim izvođačima

Utorak - 15. 07 - Nenad Bach
Srijeda - 16. 07 - Simon & Garfunkel
Četvrtak - 17. 07 - Kefa
Petak - 18. 07. - Rebecca St. Jammes

Croatian Catholic Radio is known for the quality of music that they play.
Image ... &Itemid=26

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back home in New York

Maja Bach, our German Shepard, watching the pool

Photo from my hand...see the ball in the upper left corner. A good catch.

Joke goes like this: How do you recognize a poor Croatian in Bosnia Herzegovina. Well, he washes his/her own Mercedes. How do you recognize a poor Croatian in New York? well he/she cleans his/her own pool.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Visnjica (Slavonia), Croatia June 24, 2008

You will get attention here, if you want to learn how to ride. Plus great restaurant, with variety of foods, from vegetarian cuisine to the local specialties.

Vlado Mihajlovic, Nevenka Topic, Bojan Plantak (on the horse), Ksenija Plantak our host and owner and Nenad Bach

Vlado introduced me to Ergela Visnjica and we put an article on CROWN about this Slavonian pearl. First story was published in "slavonski Poduzetnik", one of the best business magazine for entrepreneurs in Croatia. The same day I got some juice samples from Nevenka and we tested them here in New York. Visnja Juice got the best ratings, then Apple juice (not clear one). Beside Ksenija Plantak, Nevenka is another very successful entrepreneur in Slavonia. Her company is called Prirodno Vrelo.

Ergela Visnjica stables. World class. You have to see it to appreciate it. One of the most beautiful stables I have seen. Contact School for Horseback Riding. Škola jahanja tel: +385 91 654 6135.

Slavonian Road. Going back to Zagreb, through Bjelovar, Daruvar...Slavonian Soul.

Slavonia has a soul and culture of entrepreneurship. See what Slavonia does in the next 7-10 years. Croatians around the world, pay attention and invest in Slavonia. This will be next Istria. Do not wait for Zagreb to send you help. Help yourself, you have everything you need to become the richest part of Croatia.

Lipik June 24, 2008

Beautiful Lipizzaner, finally at home in Lipik, Croatia

Lipik's mayor Antun Haramija and Nenad Bach.

A briefing about the history and present of Lipik. Informative and cordial at the town hall. Lipik opened its heart. Mato Čačić, and Nenad Bach,

Mato Cacic is one of the most prominent Croatian expert on Lipizzaners. Mr. Cacic was instrumental in now famous Return of Croatian Lipizzaners from Serbia, stolen in the war.

The beauty of Lipizzaner is evident more so in the real life than in the photos. I love this horses. How they behave and how elegant they are.

I was mesmerized, simply by being so close to perfection.

Strolling with famous Dr. Marica Topic. Tough and sweet. Croatian War Hero. Croatians around the world are specially proud of her and the role she had in Vukovar Hospital. I was deeply honored by briefly meeting her. Simplicity is quality of great people.

Ivo Puscenik, former Mayor of Lipik Stjepan Horvat and Nenad Bach

Stjepan Horvat, Nenad Bach, Ivan Puscenik and Goran Puscenik, in discussion.

Nenad Bach and Ivan Puscenik.

Ivan was "guilty" of bringing me to Lipik and I thank him for the opportunity to see this gorgeous small town in the Heart of Croatia.

Lipik Orphanage rebuilt with the help of Colonel Mark Cook. Little that I've seen, I've seen a lot of love coming form teachers and children.

Mr. Mark Cook at the opening of Children's Orphanage in Lipik, 1993

See You Tube.

Mato Cacic, Nenad Bach, Antun Haramija, Stjepan Horvat, Ivan Puscenik and Frank Westerman. Looking at Kursalon that was destroyed in Serbian aggression 1991.

Nenad Bach and Mayor Antun Haramija (photo taken by Nenad Bach from his right hand)

Nenad Bach and Antun Haramija inside Kursalon.

Jadranka Sirovica with her children's choir. They sang "Lipik, grade moj", "Lipik, my town".
Children from left to right: Vlatko Sirovica, Glorija Novokmet, Ana Novokmet, Arijan Karačić, Tamara Prohaska, Danijela Prohaska, Vedrana Cah, Zvjezdana Cah, Timotej Prohaska

Frank Westerman, Jadranka Sirovica, Glorija Novokmet, Vlatko Sirovica, Arijan Karačić, Nenad Bach, Ana Novokmet, Tamara Prohaska, Danijela Prohaska, Vedrana Cah, Timotej Prohaska and Zvjezdana Cah.

Jadranka Simunovic - Katunar, Dejan Ilicic, Darian Husko, Ivan Puscenik, Ivana Bukvic, Nenad Bach, Goran Puscenik, Srecko Belac, Frank Westerman, Anita Major, Antun Haramija, Stjepan Horvat and Mate Cacic.

Nenad Bach being interviewed.

Sanda Ivanovic, Nenad Bach and Ivan Puscenik walking through Lipik.

Stable in Lipik built in 1938.

Antun Haramija, Stjepan Horvat, ivan Puscenik, Nenad Bach and Mato Cacic

Darian Husko, Anita Major, Stjepan Horvat, Jadranka Simunovic - Katunar, Antun Haramija, Mato Cacic, Nenad Bach, Ivan Puscenik, Sanda Ivanovic, Dejan Ilicic, Ivana Bukvic and Srecko Belac

Photos by Mario Barac, Dejan Ilicic, Sanda Ivanovic.

Slavonia has a soul and culture of entrepreneurship. See what Slavonia does in the next 7-10 years. Croatians around the world, pay attention and invest in Slavonia. This will be next Istria. Do not wait for Zagreb to send you help. Help yourself, you have everything you need to become the richest part of Croatia.