Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MELBOURNE: 28 – 29 September 2010

After a very enjoyable and memorable time in Perth, Nenad next went to Melbourne [Victoria, Australia].

In the two days he was in Melbourne, Nenad met up with the Consul General Antun Babic and his wife Mrs Janja Babic, other consular employees, friends and new contacts such as Daniel Keas.

He also had interviews by: Boris Jakovac of 3ZZZ 92/3FM ; Kristina Kokulja of SBS Radio 93.1FM ; Slavica Habjanovic of Vjiesnik/Croatian Herald; and Janja Jaman of TV CH31.

Nenad also met the proprietor of the Zagreb Cro Bookshop [Miro Pritasanac] and the organisers of the Melbourne Festival in 2011.

The interview by SBS Crotian Radio was aired nationally and a copy placed on its website. It can be accessed through the link below:

Ante and Jean Marinovic were Nenad’s lovely hosts in Melbourne, with Boris Jakovac also acting as Nenad’s “tour guide”. Nenad enjoyed very much the warm hospitality accorded to him. His next and last stop in Australia was Sydney.

Melbourne Photos

L-R: Consul- General Antun Babic, Nenad Bach, Ante Marinovic at the Consulate.

Nenad Bach at the 3ZZZ Radio Station, largest Australian community radio.

Boris Jakovac, 3ZZZ Radio Broadcaster and Nenad

Front, L-R: Nenad Bach, Jean Marinovic
Back, L-R: Boris Jakovac, Ante Marinovic

L-R: Ante & Jean Marinovic, Nenad Bach, Miro Pritisanac [prop. of bookshop] and customer.

Janja Jaman of TV Ch 31 interviewing Nenad.

At the SBS Croatian Radio Station before the interview.

Kristina Kukolja [SBS Croatian Radio] interviewing Nenad.

Nenad meeting Consul-General Antun Babic and wife Mrs Janja Babic.

Dinner at Dalmatino's with Consular staff, friends and 3ZZZ Radio broadcasters Boris Jakovac & Sergio Marusic.

Nenad with Consul-General Antun Babic and Mrs Janja Babic.

L-R: Ante Marinovic, Sergio Marusic, Nenad Bach, Jean Marinovic

L-R: Consul-General Antun Babic, Nenad Bach, Daniel Keas

L-R: Ante & Jean Marinovic, Nenad Bach, Janja Jaman TV CH31

Nenad also met two ladies from the Art Gallery known as In Joy International” (Art for the Soul)

L-R: Ante Marinovic, Slavica Habjanovic [Vjesnik/Croatian Herald] & Nenad Bach.

Boris Jakovac & Nenad Bach at Federation Square, Melbourne.

At Flinders Street, Melbourne

At Federation Square, Melbourne

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The much-talked about showbiz announcement in the last month or so was about Oprah Winfrey going ‘Down Under’ for the last segments of her show in December 2010. However, I am pleased to say that Nenad Bach beats Oprah to get to ‘Down Under’. :)

PERTH: 21 – 27 September 2010

Following the Nenad Bach Band’s successful two shows at the Lucy’s in Pleasantville, Nenad Bach went to Australia! First stop was in Perth [Western Australia] where he was a guest performer at the 2010 Smoke Free Perth Royal Show. This is Perth's biggest community event attracting 400,000 visitors from the city and the country every year. With a rich history spanning 170 years, the Show is an iconic social and cultural event which showcases WA agriculture, small business and entertainment.

Croatia was chosen as the 7th Guest Nation as the 2010 Smoke Free Perth Royal Show held during 25 September - 2 October at the Claremont Showground. The 2010 event aimed to further strengthen the already well-established cultural links between Croatia and WA, as well as lead to the development of new commercial ties between the two governments. Mr Hrvoje Petrusic, Consul General Consul General at the Croatian Consulate in Perth, together with the Croatian Community Council of WA, collaborated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA in their collective aim towards a successful and memorable event.

Nenad was among the artists who were guests of the WA Croatian Community at this event to showcase talents of Croatian background and to promote this event throughout the world. Nenad was looked after the Croatian Consulate official. During his stay in Perth, he also performed at The Esplanade Hotel in Freemantle, which held the Croatian Food Exhibition.

Nenad Bach, performing at The Esplanade Hotel, Freemantle

Nenad Bach with the Klapa Galeb Singers

Performing with the Klapa Galeb Singers at the Croatian Pavilion at the Royal Perth Show

Aside from his performances, Nenad also had interviews by two local radio stations: 6EBA 95.3FM by Tugomir Matokovic and Darinka Ravlich.

Tugomir Matokovic and Nenad Bach, in front of Radio 6eba building.

Darinka Ravlich and Nenad Bach.

107.9FM by Fr Nikola ńĆabraja.

Nenad Bach and Fr Nicola Cabraja, after Nenad's interview.

Nenad also had a telephone interview by Sergio Marusic of Radio 3ZZZ 92.3FM.

On a personal level, one of the enjoyable parts of Nenad's visit to Perth was meeting for the first time his niece, Mara Halcomb, and two of Violi Calvert's friends.

Enjoying lunch. L-R: Violi Calvert, Nenad, Mara Halcomb

Nenad and niece Mara who was happy to get a signed copy of the new CD.

L-R: Nenad, Maya Wycoco, Josie Soliva, Violi

After Perth, next stop was Melbourne. Below are a few of the many photos taken in Perth.

More Perth photos:

The Hotel Esplanade, Freemantle

HE Consul General Hrvoje Petrusic, Welcome Speech, Croatian Food Exhibition
at The Hotel Esplanade

At King's Park, Perth

L-R: Mara Halcomb, Nenad Bach, Violi Calvert. City of Perth in the background.

Nenad doing his 'logo shot', looking at the Burswood Entertainment Centre.

At the entrance of the Croatian Pavilion at the Royal Perth Show.

Signing CD's "All I Want Is Freedom"

Nenad by the electric car invented by a Croatian, for use in tackling landmines, mining underground, etc.

Nenad with HR Consul Hrvoje Petrusic. Klapa Galeb Singers performing in the background.

His Excellency Mr Vicencije Biuk and Nenad Bach.

L-R: Ratimir Kraljevic, Nenad Bach and Ivan Draganjac [both from Perth Consular Office].

L-R: Branko Cubelic, Violi Calvert, Branka Cubelic, Nenad Bach

Nenad' foot imprint being taken for cast to be part of artists' exhibition in Rijeka.