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Newsletter No. 33 - September 29, 2014

Nenad attended the European Unity Walk which was held in Luxembourg City on Saturday 20 September. The walk was sponsored by the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) which aims to raise awareness across Europe about Parkinson’s and its impact on people living with it, their families and society. Mr. Bach also performed on the main square during the event and his music was featured on local radio station ARA and German station Radio Lotte.

We are delighted to report that the August screening of EVERYTHING IS FOREVER at the Jacob Burns Film Center was a huge success. A packed house gave Nenad and filmmakers Vic Zimet and Stephanie Silber a resounding standing ovation.

The producers are now more determined than ever to see that the film gets the widest audience possible. To accomplish that goal they have launched a new crowd funding campaign to help pay for marketing, promotion and distribution. Please have a look at the campaign. Any and all contributions are much appreciated! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/everything-is-forever-distribution-campaign

The next screenings will be in October. Kino Tuskanac in Zagreb will screen the film on October 4th starting at 5:00 p.m. Following that, the film heads off to its West Coast premiere on October 11 at the San Pedro international Film Festival in California, then heading to the Kansas City International Film Festival to screen on October 12. Catch us if you can!


Nenad will be performing next on October 4, 2014 for the 3p - Pokret Protiv Parkinsona (Movement Against Parkinson's) sponsored by the Parkinson i Mi organization to be held in Maksmir Park in Zagreb on the small stage starting at noon. For more information visit the organization's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ParkinsonIMi
Radojka Sverko, Nenad Bach i gosti ce nastupati u Maksmiru na maloj pozornici za Pokret Protiv Parkinsona - 3P pod pokroviteljstvom udruge Parkinson i Mi, koja ce se odrzati 4 Listopada u 12:00. Za vise informacija posjetite Facebook stranice udruge na: https://www.facebook.com/ParkinsonIMi

Here's what Maša Katić organizer of the Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival had to say about watching Everything Is Forever. https://hr-hr.facebook.com/pages/SPFF-Starigrad-Paklenica-Film-Festival/522312411137348

The other day we saw an amazing movie at the 5th Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival about such a special and amazing person, Nenad Bach, called Everything is Forever. The fact that the movie was being shot during 15 years is impressive in itself and the fact that it portrays a versatile person and his very intimate and honest story adds substantially to its value. It touched me in so many ways.

Nenad Bach is an artist; musician, producer, manager and, most of all, humanitarian. He was born in Zagreb, lived in Rijeka and left for the USA, where he has been living, surely everyone would agree, the American dream. What amazes me is his persistence and taking into consideration each and every detail in everything he is doing. Nenad believes in people and goodness and uses his music as the best and most efficient weapon in fighting for peace and better future. He appreciates the country he lives in, but has never forgotten his own roots and his motherland, which he promotes in every possible way.

The interviews with his children throughout the movie add the personal and intimate note to the story. In addition, the movie finishes with a very honest and detailed description of a Parkinson disease that Nenad is currently fighting. There are not many people that would talk about it and I believe it takes a lot of courage to openly share all the problems an artist faces in his day-to-day life. It adds to my deep fascination with Nenad Bach as a person.

The thing is that there is a strong impression that Nenad has done a lot, is giving a lot with his optimism and has so much more to give to others and to the world. I would love many more people to see this movie, especially Croatian people, so they could learn more about Nenad and his work, and also appreciate more all of his efforts. I do not get the impression that Nenad is doing anything with the aim of getting the appreciation and/or fame, but, nevertheless, he definitely deserves them. I am so happy and grateful for having been given a chance to meet Nenad Bach and spend some time in his presence.

Did you know that today marks 30 years that Nenad has been in America?

The Nenad Bach Band is:
Nenad Bach: lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Joe DeSanctis: keyboards, backing vocal, melodica
Richard Lindsey: bass, backing vocal
Michael O’Keefe: drums, backing vocal
Al Orlo: guitar

Thank you all for all of your support we ARE going higher!

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Newsletter No. 32 August 25, 2014

Everything Is Forever makes its New York premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center, this Wednesday August 27, 2014! Screening begins at 7:30 p.m. Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber as well as many people from the film will be attending. After the screening there will be a question and answer session with Nenad and Vic hosted by Andrew Jupin. Pre-dinner and post party will be held at McArthur's American Grill located at 14 Washington Avenue in Pleasantville, New York. They will be playing Nenad's music at the grill. For more information about McArthur's visit http://www.mcarthursamerican.com.

For more information about the Jacob Burns Film Center visit: http://www.burnsfilmcenter.org/films/film-series/detail/77436#77595

We would like to see you all on Wednesday, and remember to please order your tickets in advance, we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available the night of. To order tickets visit http://www.burnsfilmcenter.org/films/buy-tickets?date=1409112000

WFUV from Fordham University promoted Everything Is Forever and they played "I Will Follow You!" to listen to the clip, click http://www.nenadbach.com/Radio_TV_Interviews/Nenad_Bach_on_WFUV_John_Platt.mp3 or if you want to listen to the whole show click here: http://www.wfuv.org/audio/archives/sunday-breakfast/sunday-breakfast-82414

Everything Is Forever won a special jury prize at the 5th annual Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival held earlier this month!

The Nenad and Everything Is Forever tour continues to Luxembourg, Croatia and Kansas City! More details will be in the next newsletter.

For those of you who can't wait to see Nenad on the big screen, you can see him on the small screen with the latest three videos that Nenad made in collaboration with Zoran Orlic.

Everything is Forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeaG9h2bFUs

Digital Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaijaZnVNHU

I will Follow You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vnnqDov7qw

The Nenad Bach Band is:
Nenad Bach: lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Joe DeSanctis: keyboards, backing vocal, melodica
Richard Lindsey: bass, backing vocal
Michael O’Keefe: drums, backing vocal
Al Orlo: guitar

Thank you all for all of your support we ARE going higher!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Everything is Forever' Wins Another Film Festival Award

"Everything is Forever", the film spanning fifteen years of the life of Nenad Bach in the USA, Croatia and other parts of Europe, was cleverly made alive on the screen by the talented director Vic Zimet and produced by the prolific writer Stephanie Silber, both of Home Team Productions.

'Everything is Forever' was amongst films which were screened at the Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival, Croatia held during 2-7 August 2014.   The SPFF is an international festival of music documentary films whose screenings, concerts, meetings with renowned music and film artists are held in unique settings in Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons, the beautiful natural cinema-theatres in the world.

 SPFF, Croatia [Photo by Zoran Orlic]

We are proud to report that after a very successful screening at a full house under the stars in a very scenic canyon, 'Everything is Forever' was awarded a Special Jury prize.

 Nenad Bach, being interviewed by Masa Katic, SPFF

Vic Zimet, EIF Film Director, interviewed by Masa Katic

Ivo Bach, being interviewed by Masa Katic

This SPFF Special Jury Award adds to the two awards already won by 'Everything is Forever'.

The feature film previously garnered the prestigious Platinum Remi Award for Theatrical Feature Film & Video Award and the Special Jury Remi Award for Music Video Award – Stage Concert/ Performance at the 47th Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival held on April 4-13, 2014. 
 Stephanie Silber [Film Producer], Vic Zimet [Director] and Nenad Bach

'Everything is Forever' Westchester Premiere at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York will be on August 27 at 7.30pm.

Thank you all for all of your support we ARE going higher!





Friday, May 23, 2014

Newsletter No. 30 May 26, 2014


Nenad will be performing as part of the Artists Without Walls Showcase on Tuesday, May 27 at the Cell Theatre located on 338 W 23rd St., New York City, NY. Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Artists Without Walls (AWoW) is an organization purposed to inspire, uplift and unite people and communities of diverse cultures through the pursuit of artistic achievement.

For more information about the show or Artists Without Walls visit:

The documentary film Everything is Forever will be screened at the 5th Annual Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival to be held on August 2-7 in Starigrad Paklenica, Croatia. Day and time TBD. For more information about the film festival visit: http://en.spff.hr/program.html

The New York premiere of Everything is Forever will be at the Jacob Burns Film Center on Wednesday August 27th at 7:30 p.m. For more information about the Jacob Burns Film Center visit: http://www.burnsfilmcenter.org

Everything is Forever recently earned a rave review on "A Bucket of Corn".

Plot: About Croatian Composer Nenad Bach's journey through war and peace and rock n' roll.
My Review and Thoughts:

Directed wonderfully by Victor Zimet. This is a touching and emotional reality of one man who has a vision and love of music. I feel this is a personal experience. A beautiful emotional reality of one man's struggle and journey with his American life and his passionate love affair for music. Music makes the world go round and it's a beautiful part of life.

I feel this documentary captures everything it needed to capture about one man's struggle and journey. I think the music is a wonderful mix of folk and classical rock 'n roll with a sense of poetry storytelling. I always like to come across documentaries that follow the day-to-day life of an individual and that's exactly what this documentary does.

It showcases his daily struggle and drama. The filming of the struggle is very important for the viewer to experience. Bach is a person that is being showcased and you the viewer attach to his personal reality. This is a documentary that I feel you get to become a part of Bach's life.

You the viewer get to become a part of the situation and I feel that's one of the strong points. I think the viewer can feel, as if it's reality taking place before their eyes. Bach has a rustic talent of storytelling in his music. He is a cross between Bob Dylan and Neil Young with a splash of Randy Newman.

The film showcases an important passion of a dream. I love how we as Americans take for granted everything and when a foreigner comes over and experiences all of Americas wonders there amazed. I liked the comment that Bach stated about the guitar. He stated how in his country it would take a whole years wage to buy one but here in America a person waiting tables can have one.

I think what makes this documentary become a heart touching, mind altering reality is it's throughout the years. This documentary film follows Bach through his journey with his passion and then the 360 turn with his battle of Parkinson's.

Now you get to see his son, which is his number one fan. A sons passion for his father and the father's passion for his son. I think this brings a humanity to the film and the expressions of love.

I believe Bach's music and stories and poetry inside his soul expresses  the very deep touching reality of the human soul. The documentary not only expresses a mans passion but also the truths of injustice that happens in the world that Bach's lyrics showcase.

Victor Zimet also directed 2006's Songs & Stories: New York Remembers Rory Gallagher. Zimet has a talent and passion for capturing thought provoking experiences and truly important individuals.

This is truly a wonderful biography documentary. A musical exploration. A journey of one mans heart and soul and struggle. His battles, his ultimate persona and his love affair for the American life and passion to express himself as a musician.

I highly recommend this thought provoking piece of documentary cinema.

Source: http://www.abucketofcorn.com/2014/05/everything-is-forever-2014.html

Please keep the victims of the recent floods in Croatia and the surrounding areas in your thoughts and prayers. If you wish to donate please contact the Croatian Red Cross or Caritas.
The Nenad Bach Band is:
Nenad Bach: lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
Joe DeSanctis: keyboards, backing vocal, melodica
Richard Lindsey: bass, backing vocal
Michael O’Keefe: drums, backing vocal
Al Orlo: guitar
Thank you all for all of your support we ARE going higher!

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‘Everything is Forever’ wins int’l filmfest top awards

Let us share with you the fantastic news of 'Everything is Forever' winning two top awards at the 47th Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival published on The Filipino Australian 


Stephanie Silber, Vic Zimet and Nenad Bach - the winning team

Last week, TFA Community Blogs featured Croatian-American composer-singer-writer Nenad Bach and his connection with the Filipino Australian community through his music which he lent to support charity drives for victims of super typhoons in the Philippines. Last night, TFA learned that a feature film about him, ‘Everything is Forever’, won top international film awards. TFA writer Violi Calvert shares with us her notes on the awards and Nenad Bach. / Ed.

The journey of Croatian-American composer/singer and writer Nenad Bach through war and peace, and rock and roll captured in the documentary/feature film ‘Everything is Forever’ won top awards at the 47th Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (April 4-13).

The feature film garnered the prestigious Platinum Remi Award for Theatrical Feature Film & Video Award and the Special Jury Remi Award for Music Video Award – Stage Concert/ Performance.
 Houston Film Festival two awards

The film spanning fifteen years of the life of Nenad Bach in the USA, Croatia and other parts of Europe, was cleverly made alive on the screen by the talented director Vic Zimet and produced by the prolific writer Stephanie Silber, both of Home Team Productions. Vic and Stephanie were thrilled to receive the plaques with Nenad during the awarding ceremony.

One of Nenad’s friends who attended the film festival was David Byler. David posted on Facebook:

“I’m exhausted and happy tonight/this morning/this afternoon whatever it is. The World Premiere showing of the Vic Zimet film “Everything is Forever” about Nenad Bach was a fantastic success. Not only did the Croatian club show up in strength, many others in the Croatian and Bosnian community were with us tonight. There were viewers from Mexico and Kuwait, India, Germany and other countries came too. New friends were there and enjoyed the production and contributed with good solid questions during the question and answer period as well. Nenad and Vic were so swamped with admirers that it was difficult to clear the theatre for the next show. Marvellous evening! Now I’m off to sleep. Laka ti noc ya’ll!”

When asked for his comments on the mammoth wins of ‘Everything is Forever’, Nenad said: “I feel humbled and honored. After 15 years it feels great to be validated at the first festival. My gratitude towards the whole team especially Vic and Steph.”
 Nenad in his 'signature pose' with the awards

The Houston International Film Festival is the first of four film festivals so far that ‘Everything is Forever’ has joined and has been officially accepted.

The indications are that it will be reaping more success as it gets screened in subsequent film festivals.

The film does not only have the components that appeal to discerning viewers and critics; it is also backed by the passion, talent and other admirable qualities of the subject [Nenad Bach] and the team behind it [Vic Zimet, Stephanie Silber and rest of the Home Team Productions].

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Filipino Friend Artist’s Life Screens in Film Festivals


Here's to share an article published in The Filipino Australian about "Everything is Forever".

Cinematic Journey of the Artist

A movie on the life of Croatian-American composer/singer and writer, Nenad Bach, is set to premiere at the 47th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival to be held over a ten-day period from 11th April 2014.

Titled Everything is Forever, the film follows Nenad Bach through war and peace, and rock and roll. It was filmed over the last fifteen years or so by the Home Team Productions headed by renowned American Film Director and Editor Victor Zimet, with the prolific writer Stephanie Silber as Producer.

The film so far, has also been an official selection of three other International Film Festivals. Two weeks after the world premiere in Houston, the film will be screening at the Julien Dubuque Film Festival (April 24-27) in Dubuque, Iowa. This will be followed by the 5th Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival (August 2-7) in Zagreb, Croatia and the 14th Annual Kansas International Film Festival in October 2014.

Victor Zimet relishes: “We are very excited as this is our 4th festival commitment and we only started the process in January. The future looks bright for our little indie. Good things are happening and we owe it all to you, our supporters.”

Of the film’s subject, Stephanie Silber writes: “Nenad Bach has a dream, and he wants to share it. In a disordered world, a world of war and violence, injustice and economic woe, composer/musician Bach believes the human family can connect to create a seismic force capable of changing forever our troubled earth.

Through his evocative and singular brand of music, he calls back the ethos of the sixties in a passionate cri de couer. Antithetical to today’s commodity driven market, Bach’s lucid message is substantive and unafraid to question, delivered with unsurpassed beauty, heart, and soul, and is infused with a droll wit and a well-honed sense of humor. The New York Times called Nenad “a cross between Lou Reed and Elton John,” but his fans prefer to think of him as ‘Lennon-esque.’ “.

Nenad, on the other hand, when asked for his overall comments about the film, states: “Victor Zimet’s editing is an audio-visual poetry. Stephanie Silber’s compassion can be seen on the screen. We have to use all means to stop all wars in one hour. World Peace in One Hour.”

The Filipino-Australian Connection

Aside from his great work in composing, singing and writing, Nenad also has scored films and is a tireless worker for world peace, social justice and the environment.

An example of his outreach to those in need was his support by endorsing the ~One~ Charity CD which was organised by the Sydney group Artists & Linked Friends in Action [ALFA] to raise funds for the survivors of the Washi Typhoon in 2012.

He has also agreed recently to have two of his songs to be included in the CD titled “We Will Never Leave You” compiled by Filipino-Australian writer/radio broadcaster Mitchell Badelles to raise funds for the Haiyan typhoon survivors.

Nenad’s affinity with the Filipino people is also reflected with the lyrics of two of his songs translated into Filipino – “All I Want is Freedom” to “Tanging Nais Ko ay Kalayaan” and “I Will Follow You” to “Ako ay Susunod sa Iyo”.

Nenad developed ties with the Filipino-Australian community following getting acquainted with Violi Calvert through handball.

Nenad, who is the Editor and Publisher of CROWN [Croatian World Network] published the photograph of Bevan Calvert taken during a game against Croatia in the 2005 Handball World Championship. That was the start of Nenad’s support to Australian handball and subsequently to the Filipino-Australian community through publishing articles which helped raise the profile of the handball team. He also arranged valuable assistance to the team during the 2009 World Championship held in Croatia.

Violi and Nenad met in person during a trip by Violi in 2008. She then agreed to be the link of Nenad Bach Music to Australia through her role of Media & PR.

Then in 2010, Nenad was invited to perform in the famous Royal Perth Show which attracted about 400,000 visitors. At the invitation of Nenad, Violi attended the performances in Perth and was also part of the publicity group. One of the photos she took was used and duly acknowledged in the DVD cover of ‘Everything Is Forever’.

Nenad’s Beginnings

A native of Zagreb, Croatia, Nenad graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Rijeka. He was classically trained in violin and flute, and is self-taught at guitar. His band Vrijeme i Zemlja was formed while he was in college and had two Number 1 albums in Europe (“Vrijeme i Zemlja I” in 1980 and “Greatest Hits” in 1988).

Nenad moved to New York in the 1984, and recorded his first US album, “Greatest Hits” in 1987. His song “Can We Go Higher?” was written as a call for peace during the war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was released by Sony/Rockworld in 1992 and was performed by Nenad at Woodstock ’94 in the US and in Modena, Italy at the 1995 concert “Pavarotti and Friends” and appears on the album “Pavarotti and Friends – Together for the Children of Bosnia” (1996).

For more information on the music and other works of Nenad, check out his website: nenad@nenadbach. com

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Everything Is Forever movie premieres in world film festival

We are proud to share that Everyting is Forever will premiere at the 47th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. The film is a cinematic journey of Croatian composer/singer Nenad Bach through war and peace, and rock and roll.  It was filmed over the last fifteen years or so by talented Film Director and Editor Vic Zimet, with the prolific writer Stephanie Silber as Producer.

The world premiere will be on Friday April 11th @ 9PM.

The WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival was founded in 1961 by Hunter Todd in Houston, Texas, and remains an annual film festival held each April, dedicated to recognizing excellence in various types of independent films and filmmaking.

In 2014: submissions from 37 countries. The festival presents around 55-60 new Indie feature films and 100 new Indie Short films during the ten-day film festival each April. Aside from the film viewing, the festival offers six Master Classes, professional seminars, and workshops. Both the films and classes are open to the public. In addition, a Festival Club exists that is open every evening during the festival, a Remi Awards Gala Dinner and a unique Consular Sailing Regatta and Texas BBQ held annually at The Houston Yacht Club on the final day of the festival. It is the only film festival in the world that presents a regatta. Attendance is over 30,000 general public and more than 550 international filmmakers over the ten-day event.

Here's a trailer of the film:


All the best to Nenad and the whole team behind Everything Is Forever.