Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nenad Bach with his new band recording the old way style. Photos by Zoran Orlic

Mick Hanson and Nenad N. Bach in action. Photo taken by Zoran Orlic, while we were recording.

Further down, randomly chosen photos. It took few months of preparation. Four days of technical home adaptation and two days of recording. April 25-26, 2009.

Nenad's new band. Mick Hanson - guitar, Richard Lindsey - bass, Michael O'Keefe - drums, Nenad Bach - guitar, piano, vocal, Joe DeSanctis - keyboards, accordion. Perfect combination.



Nenad N. Bach, Richard Lindsey, Mick Hanson, John Holbrook.

Joe DeSanctis, keyboards. Now known as The Wedge.

Motion and emotion.

Reliable bass foundation. Richard Lindsey.

Playing keyboards and solving problems. Joe was crucial in an almost disaster situation.

Mick and Richard. Focus and intensity. Boys are playing together like there is no tomorrow.

Moment of joy. Nenad and Mick.

Zoran Orlic a brilliant photographer. We are grateful for his presence and talent of capturing and documenting our musicianship.

Michael O'Keefe, drums.

Control room. Nenad, Chip, Mick and John Holbrook aka The Bishop

The Wedge. Joe's famous solution for the floor speaker position.

Our living room turned into recording room.

Number of tough decisions needed to be made in the dining area.

Nenad, John and Dino Rulli. Ana Bach in the mirror. Dino and Chip were great help to us. Dino does it for years for me. Friendship since 2000 when we met through Al Gore.

Quiet moment, practicing "Yes, I do"

Floor full of cables, neatly organized by John and Chip.

Not a lack of concentration but pure joy, playing with these guys.

Richard Lindsey, bass. You will hear it soon.

Mick on a guitar.

Michael on drums. Pleasure to work with.

Essential eye contacts.

and not.

Mick, the guitar man. Wait till you hear that one.

Simple chord chart for the song I Will Follow You.

Playing together. No headphones, no isolation booths, capturing the sound as is. One room, one sound, one band. I love it. The best experience of my life in a recording mode position. This constellation of musicians is the band for the orbit.


Empty control room.

Not captured on the photos but we had a feast with Vjera, Ana and Lea Bach supplying the calories and delicious food. Thank you girls.

Nenad Bach: vocal, piano, guitar
Richard Lindsey: bass

Mick Hanson: electric guitar

Michael O'Keefe: drums

Joe DeSanctis: keyboards, melodica, accordion