Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nenad's photo by John Holbrook

Align CenterPhoto taken on April 25-26, 2009, while recording a new material. This photo was taken by a world known engineer and a very good friend of mine John Holbrook. For your information, John is responsible for my logo as well. One strong talent is never alone. I know John for more then 20 years. Only good things come from John.

Here are few words that welcome you on his home page:

No one ever said you get famous from being an engineer. John Holbrook is a bit of an enigma. He’s worked on some of the best records of the last 20 years, but you’ve never seen his name on the cover of a magazine.
Nonetheless, very few people can claim to match the diversity of John’s career. He’s worked with everyone from Natalie Merchant to the Isley Brothers. B.B. King to Combustible Edison. Fountains of Wayne to Brian Setzer and Don Byron. John Holbrook remains a well respected, if somewhat mysterious name in the recording biz.

Hopefully, this website will fill in a blank or here

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Here is an excerpt from Mix Magazine by Heather Davis on April 23rd, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 2009: John Holbrook commands a deep respect from his peers for engineering many of the world’s most vibrant rock ‘n roll albums. His career started in the seminal 1960s, where, as a disc-cutting engineer for IBC studios, he worked on masters for The Who’s “Tommy” and Jimi Hendrix’ “Electric Ladyland,” among many others. He has worked for analog synth manufacturer EMS, designed several well-regarded recording rooms in New York, and maintains an active freelance engineering schedule. His work has earned him five Grammy Awards and innumerable gold and platinum albums for work with such acts as Natalie Merchant, Elton John, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, B.B. King, and The Isley Brothers. He recently upgraded the monitors in his personal studio to a pair of Klein + Hummel O 300Ds.