Saturday, October 2, 2010

SYDNEY: 30 September - 2 October 2010

Nenad's last stop in his Australian visit was Sydney. The three days was packed tight with radio interviews, reconnecting with friends and family, making new friends and doing some sightseeing. Like his visits in Perth and Melbourne, Nenad also held discussions [in person and by telephone] with contacts who could help in making arrangements for the Nenad Bach Band to tour Australia [and possibly New Zealand] next year.

It was such a glorious day when Nenad arrived into Sydney so from the airport, we did photo shoot in a few iconic places such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge ['The Coat Hanger'].

Historic steps plaque at Mrs Macquarie's Chair park.

View from Mrs Macquarie's Chair park.

View of the city from across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Another view of the city from across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Luna Park

Then we proceeded to the Kissing Point Road home to drop off bags before the first appointment of the day. This appointment was to attend the book launch of Gai Waterhouse’s book “In My Words” with good friend of many years Charles Billich. In the book launch, Nenad met not only Gai Waterhouse but also Alan Jones, who is a top radio broadcaster, writer and public speaker, Alan Jones’ Breakfast Show [873 AM] can be streamed live through this link:

Alan Jones, Nenad Bach, Charles Billich.

Gai Waterhouse exchanged business cards with Nenad.

Gai Waterhouse, Charles Billich, Nenad Bach.

After the book launch, it was a lovely stroll through Sydney's CBD to the Charles Billich Art Gallery at The Rocks.

At Martin Place, old General Post Office and tribute to WW1 soldiers.

Friendship being renewed with music [Nenad trying the piano] and art as perfect backdrop.

Inside Charles Billich Art Gallery.

For more examples of the amazing work by the world famous artist Charles Billich, check out this website:

Nenad had two radio interviews while in Sydney. The first one was 30 September by by Lillian Herceg of the Croatian Radio 98.5FM

The second interview was conducted on 1 October by Ana Dragicevic of Croatian National Radio TV:

With Ana Dragicevic, Croatian National Radio TV before the interview.

After the radio interview by Ana Dragicevic, Nenad was able to squeeze in a visit to Koala Park where he got acquainted with Australian "iconic" animals. He took delight in feeding kangaroos and patting a koala, and seeing other animals particular to Australia such as the wombat, possum, dingo, emu, echidna and varieties of birds.

In front of Koala Park, Pennant Hills [Sydney], ten minutes from Sydney home.

Then it was time to be home to do a talk to a Journalism class in Zagreb by Skype. This took nearly an hour as the students asked many questions about Nenad's music and other work in the areas of world peace, social justice, environment and poverty issues.

A meeting with Bob Barisic was next and this was held in the Croatian Club in Punchbowl.

Bob Barisic, Nenad Bach.

Bob Barisic, Violi Calvert, Nenad Bach.

On his last day in Sydney, Nenad spent the afternoon with his Australian side of the family. His cousin Volga Vegar picked him up to take him at a nearby suburb to meet his cousins and family.

To cap a fantastic day, later in the evening, we had an enjoyable time at the Billich's home - we shared a meal, drank wine, swapped stories and recalled anecdotes. Here, we met Alberto Vengoa of Alfa Film Productions, who is doing a documentary on Charles' life. From what we saw of the parts already finished, Alberto is doing a great job.

Nenad Bach, Alberto Vengoa, Charles Billich

Violi Calvert, Charles Billich, Nenad Bach in front of ornate door imported from Bali.

Nenad's first ever trip to Australia was certainly successful and memorable in what he set out to accomplish for now. The plan is for him and the whole Nenad Bach Band to come back hopefully next year to share their music and its messages for all.

From Down Under, Nenad looked towards his visit to The Land of the Rising Sun.

Checking in for flight to Tokyo.