Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Few Days in Nenad's Life

Photos speak a thousand words. Here are a few to capture and share some moments in a few of recent days in Nenad's life.

Affirming that Amazing Things are Happening Here!

Driving through Times Square, Sunday night. Remembered the night when they played "Can We Go Higher?" on the Times Square telethron (big monitor), synchronized with the two radio stations. The volunteers from Globalvision were holding the sighns for people to tune in the radio frequency, so they can hear what they see.

Driving through Times Square.

Judah Friedlander Croatian American comedian. 30 Rock. Saw him at Comix on Saturday night. Great act and great spirit. World Champion. Has a new book out.

Nenad Bach, Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto at the Champion Awards, December 8th 2010, New York City. On John Lennon's anniversary. Photo by Susan Sacirbey.

Sweet Lydia 2007-2010

Rehearsals on Thursdays' Nenad Bach Band. Photos by Stephen Horváth.