Monday, October 29, 2012

Leading up to Nenad Bach and Nenad Bach Band Concert in Zagreb, Croatia

Nenad Bach and the Nenad Bach Band are all set for their historic performance at the world renown Lisinski Hall in Zagreb, Croatia on 30 November 2012 from 8pm.

Before then, Nenad made a trip to Lisinski  to record his songs.  In the photograph below, Nenad  listens to the ZAGREB PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA while they record his songs for the new Nenad Bach Band album Everything Is Forever. It happened on September 29th 2012 at the Lisinski Hall.

He also had a number of interviews and appearances during his visit to Split and Zagreb.

Before taping the show Slika Hrvatske with Karolina Vidovic Kristo. [oct 14]

Blue on blue. Had to change his jacket in an essence not to be see-through!  On HTV Croatian National TV.