Monday, December 3, 2012

Nenad Bach Band spectacular concert in Croatia's capital Zagreb Nov 30 2012

The much-awaited concert of Nenad Bach and the Nenad Bach Band at the historic Lisinski Hall in Zagreb, Croatia was a superb showcase of their beautiful music with great clamour for world peace and harmony.  In fact, it surpassed expectations as the melody and lyrics of each song had the crowd spell bound.

Below is the reproduction of the article by Prof Darko Zubrinic, and some of the accompanying photographs, as published in the Croatian World Network website:

The Nenad Bach Band appeared for the first time in Croatia, in Nenad Bach's native city of Zagreb, in the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall. Nenad Bach Band is composed of high class professional musicians, with a very specific, recognizable sound, interwoven with elements of Croatian folk music, enriched with Nenad's beautiful verses. This was a humanitarian concert which will raise funds that serve orphans in their care.

Some of greatest stars of Croatian music participated as Nenad's special guests: Arsen Dedić, Radojka Šverko, Miroslav Škoro, Marko Tolja and Klapa Sinj. For the first time Nenad Bach's song entitled VUKOVAR has been performed, in which the names that will never be forgotten are mentioned: Jean Michel Nicollier, Siniša Glavašević, Vesna Bosanac, and Blago Zadro.

 Nenad Bach singing in Croatia's capital Zagreb, his native city

Nenad Bach Band: Nenad Bach, Al Orlo, Michael O'Keefe, Richard Lindsey, and Joe DeSanctis

Nenad Bach Band, New York

Nenad Bach, Al Orlo, Michael O'Keefe, Richard Lindsey, and Joe DeSanctis

Nenad Bach, Al Orlo and Michael O'Keefe

Richard Lindsey and Nenad Bach

Arsen Dedić, classic of Croatian chanson

Two distinguished Croatian musicians: Arsen Dedić and Nenad Bach

Richard Lindsey, Nenad Bach and Joe DeSanctis

Radojka Šverko - Croatian diva, and truly amazing singer
singing "Help me make it through the night" (Joe & Richard), accompanied by Joe DeSanctis on the piano.

Al Orlo and Michael O'Keefe

Extremely popular Croatian singer Miroslav Škoro is also known as a witty entertainer

Al Orlo, Michael, Nenad Bach and Michael O'Keefe

A young Croatian singer Marko Tolja surprised us all as an excellent singer and talented pianist


Nenad Bach Band with Klapa Sinj 

Many thanks to foto buki, that is, to our dear friend Mr. Branko Filipić from Nedelišće, a small town in Međimurje, a region on the north of Croatia.