Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi folks... we have a winner of the guessing competition.  For transparency, I am sharing below the Facebook postings about it.   :)

  • Nenad Bach One more day of contest!
  • Irena Ozimec A new hat! Blagoslovljen i veseo Bozic tebi i obitelji dragi prijatelju!
  • Eni Galovic Sretnu i uspjesnu 2014.
  • Violi Calvert Two hats.
  • Nenad Bach Violi Calvert wins. Answer is two new hats in the box. One dark blue, the other gray. Congratulations! Contest ended. Sydney Australia wins.
  • Violi Calvert Wow!!! Thanks so much! I could count only two times that I have won something!! I take this as a sign of great things to come for 2014!!!
  • Irena Ozimec Bravo Violi Calvert! I had the same thing on my mind but wasn't sure...see what happens when I'm undecided Congrats and have a wonderful, healthy & happy new Year!

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