Sunday, July 12, 2009

Darko Glavan 1951 - 2009

Darko Glavan and Nenad Bach on June 9th 2009, at 4 PM in front of the Mimara Museum

It was a sad long lasting moment in the summer of 2009. Darko Glavan a known Croatian writer, journalist and art historian who established music and visual standards of our era together with Drazen Vrdoljak, tragicaly died on July 12 in Varazdin. Month before we met at the Mimara Museum, where he worked, and discussed his appearance at the celebration of the first Rijeka's LP "Vrijeme i Zemlja I" Since I was the founder of the group and Darko was born in Rijeka it was an obvious choice for us to invite him to give us his perspective of this unique event, plus evaluation of the music 30 years later.

This afternoon on June 9th we spent few hours together. Much more than probably both of us anticipated. At the door, I asked a passerby to take photo of us and although I met Darko many times in my life (in Zagreb, Rijeka and New York), I never asked for a photo. This time I did. Darko came on time on June 19th 2009 on Arca Fiumana, a ship located in Rijeka's harbour, gave his speech and a very good critique of the album. I was very happy since I didn't know what will he say. On July 12th I drove from Salzburg, Austria ( a Mozart town) to Varazdin where I enjoyed Santana's concert that Darko went to see as well . Darko tragically died in a car accident that night.

My memory of Darko Glavan is fresh and vivid. I enjoyed his company, didn't share his taste in music mostly, but loved his passion for art, cover art for music and life in general. We lost a gentleman and knowledgeable journalist who was not hungry for art. He spoke openly in what he believed and therefore established an authority in his field.

I stayed in Zagreb, for his funeral, and went to Rijeka for In Memoriam service.

I will miss you Darko.

Denis Redic of LivingStone Magazine and Nenad Bach, at the funeral.

Davor Tolja, Jadranka Cubric, Nenad Bach, Gloria Fabijanic Jelovic and Darko Glavan with a last moment coordination at the Vrijeme i Zemlja celebration in Rijeka, June 19th 2009

Darko Glavan and Nenad Bach on June 9th 2009, at 4 PM in front of the Mimara Museum