Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rijeka Moments

Align CenterNenad Bach, Miro Gavran, Jasna and Robert Bucnik just before the performance by Mladena Gavran in Bakar, Croatia.

My first drummer and high school buddy, Vladimir Korenic - Dadi. Dadi also wrote lyrics for the song from my first album "Dal da ostanem nepoznat i sam"

My "sivko" travelled across the ocean. This is the moment it came out of the container.

View from my balcony at night. Rijeka, Croatia.

The same view during the day.

School buddy Janez, dog and Nenad. Very nice memory. Some people are always happy and wise.

My dear friend Neno Crnkovic. We washed windows while studying. I learned a lot from him. We both finished Universities. Neno became Mechanical Engineer and I became a clown (actually I am a graduated civil engineer). Always a pleasure to see him. Photo above is a view from his new amazing villa.

My best high school friend Darko Tolja, a naval engineer and a keyboard player in my first band.

Bernardin Modric, a film director, and my first film score.

Rijeka's Mayor Vojko Obersnel and Nenad Bach at the Fender Awards on June 15th 2009.

Nenad and Darko (Tolja) on his boat.

Tolja family ready for sailing

"Vrijeme i Zemlja" drinking coffee on June 16th, the day we received a Mayor's recognition for 30 years of active artistic life. L-R. Edi Kraljic, Marinko Radetic (Mel Gibson), Davor Tolja, Josko Serdarevic, Nenad N. Bach and Jadranka Cubric, organizer for the whole event.