Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nenad Bach Band @ Pleasantville Community Television PCTV, 1st March 2011


Nenad Bach

L-R: Michael O'Keefe (drums); Al Orlo (guitar); Nenad Bach (vocal, guitar, piano); Richard Lindsey (bass) & Joe DeSanctis (keyboards, melodica).

Nenad Bach and the Nenad Bach Band were guests at the local TV station. They were filmed live on March 1st 2011, between 6pm - midnight.

As soon as the schedule of broadcast is available, we would publish it.

"296" is an original music showcase produced at PCTV by Marlene Canapi. Filmed in PCTV studios, this show spotlights live, original music and brings it to Westchester's airwaves and Internet Streaming Worldwide. (PCTV is now Cablevision channel 76 and Verizon - FiOS channel 36).

This exciting show provides both broadcast opportunity and television exposure for musical talent.

L-R Bruce Figler, Michael O'Keefe, Nenad Bach, Richard Lindsey, Linda Becker, Al Orlo, Shane McGaffey, Joe DeSanctis, Stephen Horvath

Music Producer: Bruce Figler
Director of Photography: Shane McGaffey
Production Manager: Linda Becker