Monday, March 7, 2011

World Peace in One Hour . com

To all freedom loving people in the world,

Nenad Bach has a dream, and he wants to share it. In a disordered world, a world of war and violence, injustice and economic woe, composer/musician Bach believes the human family can connect to create a seismic force capable of changing forever our troubled earth.

Through his evocative and singular brand of music, he calls back the ethos of the sixties in a passionate cri de couer. Antithetical to today's commodity driven market, Bach's lucid message is substantive and unafraid to question, delivered with unsurpassed beauty, heart, and soul, and is infused with a droll wit and a well-honed sense of humor. The New York Times called Nenad "a cross between Lou Reed and Elton John," but his fans prefer to think of him as "Lennon-esque."

Imagine the possibility of world peace achieved in one hour! Envision alternatives to violence! In a global era, we have universal access to a wealth of information, but are impoverished by an attendant attention span deficit. It's Nenad's fervent conviction that we have the tools at hand to address and transform the most pressing issues on earth -- by way of art.

We are barraged on a daily basis with dismaying headlines of strife and mayhem everywhere, whether in the United States from Columbine to Tucson, or in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. And those are just the places that make the news. The result: people numbed into indifference and disaffection. Or worse -- driven to yet more violence.

The time has come to change our narrative," Bach says. "We need to spread the word, beginning with TV, with newspapers, with radio."

Nenad Bach has faith in all of us, and with good reason. His dream was informed by and nurtured through wartime and expatriation, and he bears witness to the infinite possibility of peace.

Violence produces violence," he says. "Wisdom produces more wisdom; compassion is born of compassion, and in the ultimate alchemy, peace will beget peace."

Backed by his eponymous band of four like-minded musicians, Nenad is currently doing a full court press to galvanize rapt audiences into action, while at the same time promoting ALL I WANT IS FREEDOM, the latest CD in the artist's prolific body of work, which was brilliantly recorded and mixed by five-time Grammy Award winner John Holbrook.

Several of the songs on Nenad's upcoming album will incorporate the mesmerizing a cappella sounds of "Klapa," a folk music that emerged from the ancient stone alleys and cathedrals of his native Croatia.

As a recording artist and performer, two of his albums reached number one in Europe, and to date he has sold over one million records. He has performed all over the world with a wide range of artists, including Pavarotti; Bono and The Edge; Brian Eno, Indigo Girls; Richie Havens; Garth Hudson and Rick Danko; Vince Welnick; and many more.

In addition, Nenad has scored dozens of features and short films, including the well-received KING OF COOL, a biopic about Steve McQueen; TRANSATLANTIC, a Mladen Juran film, which was the
Croatian entry for Best Foreign Film at the 1999 Academy Awards; and festival favorite RANDOM LUNACY. Currently, New York based Home Team Productions is producing a feature length documentary about Nenad's visionary life.

Give him a listen. It could make all the difference in the world.

"All I Want is Freedom"
Music and Lyrics by Nenad Bach

From the EP "All I Want is Freedom"
Copyright 2010, Nenad Bach Music Ltd.