Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nenad Bach's Interview on Conversation Crossroad on Monday, August 6, 7pm EST

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Listen to Nenad Bach's interview on Monday, August 6, 7pm EST.

Nenad Bach has a dream. A dream nurtured through wartime and expatriation, a dream informed by his quest for universal justice and deep longing for world peace. The result: All I Want Is Freedom, a passionate cri de coeur and the latest CD in the artist’s prolific body of work.

It’s a potent shot of rock infused with heart and soul, packed with provocative lyrics calling back the ethos of the sixties, unafraid to question, determined to seek answers, in a rousing call to action that electrifies, galvanizes, and at the same time mesmerizes. Solidly backed by the four like-minded musicians comprising the Nenad Bach Band, and brilliantly recorded and mixed by five-time Grammy Award winner John Holbrook, the album was created at Nenad’s home in New York, in a back-to-basics bid for the days when “rock musician” wasn’t a profession, but a vocation. The naturalistic approach, inspired by Beatles’ engineer Geoff Emerick, is as close to live recording as it gets. For Nenad, “Love Is The Sound.” And for his listeners and the world, only love – and the truth – will set us free.