Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meeting legendary Geoff Emerick, The Beatles engineer

Howard Massey, Nenad Bach and Geoff Emerick, New York City April 08

As a member of the NARAS Grammy National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences I was privileged to listen and even communicate with a few questions, with legendary Geoff Emerick. Event happened on April 10th 2008 at 509 West 38th Street (10-11th Avenue) @ Legacy Recording Studio in New York City. The occasion was his new book "Here, There and Everywhere" My life Recording the music of The Beatles by Geoff Emerick and Howard Massey - Foreword by Elvis Costello. That night I met a lot of friends. Among many Greg Calbi, a mastering engineer for my last album "A Thousand Years of Peace", but more impressive is the fact that he mastered John Lennon's albums among many others.