Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today Nenad recorded piano with John Holbrook

Nenad Bach and John Holbrook

Today, May 8th 2008 we recorded piano for six new tracks. Songs: "Everything Is Forever", Heaven and Hell", "Love is on", "Daughter's Eyes", "Aurora" and "Vukovar". My old time friend and 5 time Grammy Award winner sound engineer John Holbrook, as usual did a great job finding sound in my living room on a fairly good baby grand Petrof piano. For the first time we worked with Mislav Jukić, as an assistant engineer. He will do some sessions as an engineer soon. We drank Jana water as John and I are both in love with Jana, from the recording trips to Croatia when we recorded seven Klapa albums and drank 100 bottles of Jana and Jamnica.

First song that we did was "Love is On". Recorded with Grace preamp, two Schoeps MK 21 microphones (capturing up to 40 kHz) and one Audio Technica 4050 for ambient sound. All other songs we recorded with Manley preamp and the same microphones.

Maja Bach, our beloved German Shepherd dog had a solo on Everything Is Forever. Maybe for keeps ...on the film / rock opera / album that will come out of this (Mo' Kool - Everything is Forever).

Exciting day. We started around 10:30 am and finished around 8 pm. Good day of work.

John Holbrook and Mislav Jukić

Pipe wrench holding the balance for "heavy weight" microphones

Croton on Hudson, New York USA May 8th 2008