Monday, May 12, 2008

We started a documentary film on "Voice of free Croatia" in New York

In action: Vinko Kužina, Nenad Bach and Zvonko Vidušin

On May 10th 2008 we started a documentary film about Croatian Radio Club New York. Next year in February 2009 it will be 40 years how Croatian Radio Club started its broadcast. One of the founders is a legendary engineer Vinko Kužina. On Saturday May 1oth we filmed an interview with him at his home in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Cinematography was done by Zvonko Vidušin. I am acting as a director-producer till we find someone who can handle it and Vedran Nazor is an executive producer for Radio Club. We filmed for two days. On Sunday May 11th we filmed at the Croatian Church in Manhattan and Radio Club in Astoria, Queens.

Here are few frames.

Enjoy, Nenad

Zvonko Vidušin, Vinko Kužina and Nenad Bach

Zvonko Vidušin

Camera used for this film is Panasonic HDX 900 in High Definition mode 1080 i / 60i. We made cca 4.5 hours of material.

Nenad Bach, Vinko Kužina and Vedran Nazor

Reverse shot. Nenad Bach interviewing Vinko Kužina