Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Transfering Digital HD tapes at VSI HD in Southington

Today May 28th 2008, I traveled to Southington Connecticut to transfer DVC Pro HD tapes to Hard Drive. These are the tapes that captured part of the documentary film on Croatian Radio Club of New York and Vinko Kužina as one of the founders of the radio program that will celebrate 40 years of existence next year. This is the Voice of Free Croatia. That is how they start each broadcast.

For me it is 200 + miles drive to Southington and back, and after the second trip this month, I can tell you it is worth it. The staff is pleasant, confident and competent. I highly recommend their services. Their website is

Here are few photos. Unfortunately we do not have one with Layne Rodney, a man who coordinated all of this and Bruce Nicki.

Patrick, Rich and Nenad

Patrick Dell was very knowledgeable about Croatia to the finest details, which impressed me immensely, especially because of the current issues (picked up all of this from his last trip to Croatia in 2007) . Rich Creaturo was very comforting in providing service of transfer to DVD and DVC pro SD last time, from DVC Pro HD tapes. There is a difference in service when people are willing to do what is needed and do it with a style. They create the atmosphere of trust in the field that not too many people know about. We are talking about High Definition in video and a simple human touch.

Eric Levesque, Adam Simon and Nenad Bach

Great energy and competent people. Adam is originally from South Africa. Whenever I had a question, he knew the answer.

Greg Simone in his HD Video Laboratory

Next door man Greg, who took the photo above this one and kindly offered upon Eric's request to show me the real deal High Definition, from the material that I just transfered to Hard Disc. The quality of the material was just astounding. I have never seen anything like this before. Zvonko Vidusin, cinematographer - GREAT JOB. Greg sounded like a southern gentlemen and behaved like one as well.

I am looking forward to working with these guys in the future and I highly recommend their services. It's worth the trip, and yes, there is a free and available parking, not that I expected anything else, but living in New York, these things become important.

Also this is the second time I tasted


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Technical Description: 1.040 OG and 14 IBUs 4.3% ABV

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