Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recorded piano for "Fly Away Like a Swan" and "Have a Reason, Have a Faith"

Today May 27th 2008 I recorded acoustic piano for two songs "Fly Away Like a Swan" and "Have a Reason, Have a Faith". These are the two last songs in a batch that I started to record year ago, with Gary Burke on drums. Few more songs will be recorded for the film that we'll put together based on music and we will record this together with the whole band.

Session with John Holbrook, as always goes smooth. This photo is done from my hand as most of them are, in the kitchen this time. Also I started to learn Pro-Tools program, after so many years of procrastination. So far I was using Logic Audio and RADAR, plus 2 inch analog tape with 16 tracks this time to record drums.

So far so good. And yes, John has a new haircut.