Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Lunacy playing tonight in Nashville IN

Another day another place that some of my music is being played around the world.

RANDOM LUNACY: videos from the road less traveled

'This guy makes Jack Kerouac look like he lived at home with his mother and went out on the road on weekends.' - Alec Wilkinson, author of THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD
Rolling Stone's Peter Travers says of this documentary, "Prepare to be wowed" The film follows the radically itinerant Poppa Neutrino and his family of street performers over the course of twenty adventurous years of living homeless by choice.

Directors/producers: Stephanie Silber and Vic Zimet

Lotus Petal Cinema, Tuesday, May 6th, at 6:00 PM, 75 South Jefferson Street, Nashville, IN 47448. HOSTED BY EARTH DAY COMMITTEE! Questions? www.lotuspetalcinema.com

Music by
The Flying Neutrinos www.flyingneutrinos.com
Ingrid Lucia www.flyingneutrinos.com
Todd Londagin www.toddlondagin.com
Klapa Navalia www.klapanavalia.com
Nenad Bach www.nenadbach.com