Friday, June 6, 2008

Boston International Film Festival June 6th 2008

Reason for being at the Boston International Film Festival was a film "The Barber" directed by Jamie Cohen. Music by Nenad N. Bach. Great reception of the film by audience of full theater.

Tom Arnold, Jamie Cohen and Nenad Bach

Tom produced "This is not a test" a feature film.

Jamie Cohen, Patrick Jerome , Carly Cohen and Nenad Bach

Patrick Jerome is the program director for the festival. First day that we've seen was excellent. Which proves that the talent exist in a full form, but the recognition is not there. All of us have been more than pleasantly surprised in a quality of all films.

Jamie's sister Carly Cohen and Nenad Bach with Casablanca background

Sister and brother, Carly and Jamie Cohen of Toronto

Floor at the AMC Theater

Robinne Lee and Nenad Bach

Robinne was a leading role in "This is not a test". Great cast and fulfilling role.

Jamie Cohen and Nenad Bach in front of the Godfather. Jamie a great friend and artist.

Tom Arnold and Nenad Bach

Friendly and unpretentious Tom. A great American comedian with a perfect timing for comedy. Watch his movies and you will know what am I saying. True Lies, is one example. He was equally attentive to everybody at the festival with grace.

Nenad N. Bach
Boston-New York, June 7th, 2008