Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Theater Kerempuh - Miro Gavran. Zagreb, Croatia

Borko Peric, Ivica Joncic, Zvonimir, Zoricic, Mladena Gavran, Miro Gavran, Nenad Bach and Marija Masanovic

One of the highlights of the trip to Croatia was meeting Miro Gavran, one of the most prolific and talented Croatian writers. Went to see "Papučari" (not sure how to translate that, but maybe "Male Pushovers"?), a situation comedy. Very impressive performance by Mladena Gavran in two rolls, with excellent "support" in main rolls by Ivica Joncic and Zvonimir Zoricic. Nothing like live theater. Full house with inspired cast. Everything was perfect, from text to casting and our stroll to Jelacic Square after the show to catch the last tramway. Perfect weather and company of Miro and Mladena Gavran. I was very happy to see a dear friend of mine Marija from Dubrovnik.

Miro, Mladena, Nenad and Ivo two hours before my flight to New York on June 25th, 2008.

Delicious cake and company at the Kaptol Center. Photo taken by Borko Peric's wife. Last time I saw Borko was in New York when "Two players from the bench" were at the Tribeca film Festival. Always a pleasure to meet him.

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