Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday to Monday June 20- 22, 2008 Novalja, Croatia

Ivo and Nenad on the ferry boat to Novalja. Friday late afternoon. Pristine beauty in the air and the sea. You fill your nostrils with the salty air for a year.

After rehearsal, first night of arrival. Klapa Navalia. Stronger than ever.

In the company of a famous poet Ivan Palcic of Novalja and his friends. The wine was of superior quality.

My inlaw Dubravko Jancic. Witty and no nonsense man.

Olive tree in the middle of Novalja.

Ivo Bach on Zrce beach.

Mirna and Nenad, enjoying fruits and beach

Croatia is beautiful, wouldn't you say. I guess no argument here.

Ivo and our Kornjaca. Domestic garden turtle.

Tomislav Škunca, Ante Tonči Dabo, maestro Ivica Žan and Nenad Bach. Sunday, Novalja. Coffee. Klapa Navalia. I feel privileged working with them at steady and reliable pace.

Pebbles of Zrce.

Family and friends on Zrce beach. Novalja, Island Pag, Croatia

Our house in Novalja. I remember the day palm trees were planted by my mother and father. Most of my peeing outside of home, as a child in Novalja, went to these palm trees. Apparently they needed water.

Leaving Novalja. Going back to Zagreb. 6 AM. Morning still beauty.