Thursday, June 12, 2008

Euro 2008. Croatia beat Germany 2-1. Watched in Rijeka, Croatia

I set on Kobler Square in Rijeka. Asked a stranger if it is OK to sit with him. There were no strangers that day. We were all one in our support for the soccer team to beat Germany in Euro 2008 Cup. And we did. 2 to 1. I wanted to see it with the crowd, with my own people. Came little bit earlier, for the benefit of sitting down, when I wanted. The man on the left was especially kind, the way he expressed himself. He also said that he has a gut feeling that we will win. Not that I didn't hear that before, but it is different when someone speaks with certainty. Our boys played a great soccer match (European football). In less than a year we beat England at Wembley 3:2 and Germany 2:1. Not bad for a small nation like Croatia.

I passed over this square thousands of times when I was growing up in Rijeka, Croatia.

Slaven Bilic on the screen.

After the game streets were rowdy. My decision, not to bring the car, but walk into the city, paid off.

Boris Rogic with his artwork. Vitraj of St. Vid

After the game I met my old friend Boris Rogic who has his own Atelier (Uzarska 15 B, Rijeka) and specializes in Tiffany lamps. Vitraj behind us was made by him. I wish we had more time to talk, but the effect of the game and my desire to sit on the main street Korzo didn't give us too much peace to talk. For me visiting Rijeka is like a twilight zone. People that I didn't see for 20-30 years are walking next to me and I feel like I left yesterday. Their children next to them, quite often look like them when they were young. Like a twilight zone. I am completely taken by it.

Nenad N. Bach
Rijeka, Croatia June 12th 2008
Croatia - Germany 2:1 Euro 2008