Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Radio visits in Zagreb on Wednesday June 18, 2008

Zvuci Dragog Kamena. Radio show with Mladen Magdalenic on Croatian Radio 1. I never refuse to be interviewed by him. He played my music when I was starting and I never forgot that. On the photo Mladen Magdalenic, Nenad Bach, back (engineer) Robert Tanaskovic. Photo taken by Darko Zubrinic. 11:30 AM

Darko Zubrinic and Nenad Bach before interview with Ivana Jadresic for Glas Hrvatske on Croatian Radio. Voice of Croatia that is broadcast worldwide on short wave radio and webcast. Darko is my friend and partner in CROWN. He is also editor in chief of web page 12:30 AM

Nenad Bach and Slavko Nedic, Catholic Radio.

We recorded an hour long interview that will air in July. Slavko never fails to impress me. He is music director, composer and producer. Won a Porin this year. (Equivalent for Grammy in the USA). While being there I met Domagoj Pejic who gave me his two DVDs "Hvala Sveti Oce - cesta sijecanja" and "Pozvali su ga iz jedne daleke zemlje". His personal walking journey to Rome to see the Pope. Domagoj also brought delicious cookies from Medjimurje. I loved them and ate them as well. 3 PM